Boost your projects with our
Web, Mobile and Cloud experts!

Boost your projects with our Web, Mobile and Cloud experts!


Who are we?

Swiss Digital Vision is your IT provider of choice for any software development project:

  • Web Platforms
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As an agile organization, Swiss Digital Vision is composed of qualified and experienced professionals. You can count on us to get your software into production on time and on budget.

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Meet our team

Olivier Azevedo
Olivier Azevedo
Olivier Azevedo | Co-founder

Master of Computer Science - Université de Montpellier

Business Analysis - Project Management - Software Development

Olivier is a Full Stack software development expert with a passion for UI/UX and R&D. An entrepreneur since 2015, Olivier has managed international development teams, including participating in the opening of Capgemini's offshore center in Mumbai.

Jonathan Weibel
Jonathan Weibel
Jonathan Weibel | Co-founder

Engineer TELECOM Bretagne - IMT Atlantique

Solution Architecture - Digital Marketing - Software Development

Jonathan is an experienced Solution Architect, DevOps-oriented, with strong skills in software development and cloud infrastructure. Aware of your organization's requirements, Jonathan is a pragmatic engineer who puts technology to work for your business.


Olivier and Jonathan met in 2020, during a mission at m3 Groupe - Geneva. They volunteer to develop a high availability platform for booking and tracking patients for the imminent opening of two COVID m3 Sanitrade rapid test centers, following the recent abandonment of a previous drive-in project.

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m3-test.ch : patient booking and tracking platform for two large COVID rapid test centers - developed for m3 Sanitrade, within m3 Group, Geneva

The time to launch is very short: one week.

Working hard, pragmatically and relying on their solid technical knowledge, Olivier and Jonathan take up the challenge: the m3-test.ch platform is operational in less than a week. In the following months, they enrich it with an administration backoffice for the medical staff of the test centers.

The following year, more than half a million patients booked their COVID tests (antigenic and PCR) on this platform.

Strengthened by this success and sharing common values, Olivier and Jonathan decided to found their own structure. They concretize their project in 2022 by creating Swiss Digital Vision, which relies on their complementarity and on the efficiency of their working methods.

After the success of several missions, the team expands in 2023 to carry out large-scale projects.

Service Offer

Frontend development

We develop your web clients, desktop and mobile applications.

Stack: Eleventy, React, Vue, D3.js, Electron, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift

Backend development

We design your server architectures, develop your APIs and microservices.

Stack: Node, Python, Golang, Rust, Postgres, PostGIS, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Spark

Cloud computing

We build your cloud infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines.

Stack: Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Prometheus, Github, GitLab, AWS, Azure, GCP

Stay ahead of the game

Your business comes first

The careful analysis of your business processes and requirements by our team is an essential step. Thanks to our expertise in this field, you benefit from relevant solutions that save you time and money in the long run.

Keep control!

Regular communication with our development team allows you to validate the work throughout the project, via demos and status updates. You adjust your requirements and priorities on an ongoing basis in order to achieve your goals on time.

Get tailor-made solutions

Invest in solutions that are 100% adapted to your needs, with no superfluous elements. They make you more efficient and are less expensive to maintain and to enrich with new features to adapt to your business evolutions.

No website yet?

If social networks are an integral part of our lives, they are however moving, forcing advertisers and agencies to adapt. Some choose to do without a website and now regret this decision.

By putting all your strategy on social networks or other advertising media, you do not control the experience of your visitors, the visibility of your content or the impact of a marketing campaign.

For a company, having a website is now as essential as a business card, a phone number or an email address. It evolves with your activity and allows you to offer an original experience to your visitors.

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Nos dernières réalisations

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With swissqrbill.ch, you have the solution to generate your QR-bills in a few moments.

Data privacy - Multilingual - Responsive design

Create your invoices for free in A4 or A6/5 format. Our standard template allows you to insert the complete body of the invoice: logo, contact information, date, title, invoiced items... You get a PDF invoice in 2 minutes that you can print on perforated paper or send by email.

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Les Pachas d'Amandine
Les Pachas d'Amandine
  • Online booking solution
  • Multi-site management of pets boarding houses

In 2022, we were asked by Les Pachas d'Amandine, in neighbouring France, to build the new booking platform for their cat boarding facilities. The solution allows to manage all the backoffice (hotels, users, cats, care, reservations, invoicing...) and gives an access to the webcams to the owners to monitor the conditions of their pets during their absence.

Several hundred stays have already been booked via the Les Pachas d'Amandine platform and users are very satisfied with this new tool. Les Pachas d'Amandine is already planning a second version embedding more features.

This platform is highly configurable and can be adapted to your needs.

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